Tech Careers
Report 2021

Get the best Tech Market Insights for 2021 with an immersive report about the skills, salaries, and motivations of tech professionals in Portugal.

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Some insights you’ll find inside

  • Tech professionals change jobs on average between every 1.5 years to 2.3 years
  • 34% of respondents have Remote Jobs (Full or Flexible), regardless of the pandemic
  • Full-Stack, Back-End and Front-End Developers are the most popular job profiles (around 50%)
  • Women have salaries 16% lower than Men (was 23% lower last year)
  • JavaScript is king amongst tech languages, used by the majority of tech professionals – sharing the podium is also Java, and C#
  • The average gross annual salary for tech professionals in Portugal is 32,500€ (48,000€ for Contractor)
  • And many, many other insights for both tech professionals and companies.



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