Tech Careers
Report 2020

Get the best Tech Market Insights for 2020 with an immersive report about the skills, salaries, and motivations of tech professionals in Portugal.


Some insights you’ll find inside

  • Full-Stack, Back-End and Front-End Developers are the most popular tech profiles in Portugal both for tech professionals and companies
  • Self-taught tech professionals is a growing trend: 20% learned tech skills all by themselves
  • JavaScript is king amongst tech languages, used by the majority of tech professionals (sharing the podium is also Java, .Net and C#)
  • If you're looking for a good tech salary, go for Go, Elixir, Ruby and Kotlin, and stay away from VBA, VB.NET and C
  • Tech salaries are still higher than in most other industries
  • Management positions in tech represent higher average salaries, regardless
  • of your years of experience
  • Women earn, on average, 23% less than men


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