The new paradigm of remote & global tech work

The largest community-based tech talent report about the current trends in remote and global tech work. It’s an all-in-one tool that helps tech professionals make more informed career decisions and companies see where they stand.
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Everything about remote & global tech work:

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Some insights you’ll find inside

  • 20.1% of tech professionals have relocated to another country

  • Professionals who have not relocated have lower salaries

  • Europe is the go-to place of preference for those considering relocating (41.1%)

  • African tech professionals value better companies and jobs more (23.2%), while Europeans mainly chase after a better salary (24.5%)

  • 18.6% of tech professionals around the world are working cross-border remote

  • This group of tech professionals privilege better work-life balance (25.1%)

  • Full-Stack Developer is the most popular cross-border remote job role across all continents

  • Europe is the top destination for tech professionals wanting to work cross-border remote (34.1%), followed by North America (24.9%)

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