The globalisation of tech work

The largest community-based tech talent report that sheds light on the current state of tech careers globally. It’s an all-in-one tool that helps tech professionals make more informed career decisions and companies see where they stand.
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The largest community-based tech talent report

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Some insights you’ll find inside

  • Bootcamp graduates and self-taught represent only 4,2% of tech professionals
  • The use of Javascript-based frameworks accounts for more than 60%
  • Almost 90% of professionals work full or hybrid remote
  • Around 20% of tech professionals work remotely for a company across-borders
  • The top career drivers are ‘Salary & benefits’ and ‘Work-life balance’
  • Motivation to change jobs in the next 3 months is high (7.6 / 10)
  • ‘Health benefits’ and ‘Annual Bonus’ are the most sought job perks
  • Tech Management roles earn, on average, 1,4x more than Developers
  • Full office jobs are the most poorly paid (1,9x less than full remote jobs)
  • 51,2% of women had a salary raise, against 62,6% of men