Deep-dive into the Portuguese tech market

The largest community-based tech talent report that sheds light on the current state of tech careers in Portugal. It’s an all-in-one tool that helps tech professionals make more informed career decisions and companies see where they stand.
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The largest community-based tech talent report about Portugal

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Some insights you’ll find inside

  • Women's representativeness has increased 5.5% since last year
  • SQL is the most used language
  • A mere 6% of tech professionals overall work in a full-office job
  • 99% of tech professionals in Portugal want to work remotely
  • 50% would prefer to remain in Portugal rather than relocate
  • Salary and work-life balance are the top career drivers
  • Health benefits and annual bonus are the most relevant job perks
  • Full-office workers are highly motivated to changes jobs (8.6/10)
  • Salaries jumped an unprecedented +36.5% compared to last year
  • Contractors earn, on average, 57% more than full-time employees
  • Men earn, on average, 31.2% more than women
  • Full-office jobs are the most poorly paid
  • Companies overseas pay 46.8% more than companies in Portugal
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