Tech Hiring Trends Report


Learn more about the vision of HR and Technology executives in Portugal with the Tech Hiring Trends Report. Gather insights about 2020 and 2021 in the Portuguese panorama, the effects of the pandemic, and how the tech hiring industry could evolve in this market.



All the most relevant insights in one report

  • Most tech hiring plans are already immune to COVID-19. Only 30% of companies saw a negative effect on tech hiring needs.
  • Half the market increased hiring volume in 2020, compared to 2019, but at a cost, as 60% believe tech hiring became harder with the pandemic.
  • Employer Branding budgets are mostly frozen.
  • 75% of tech teams in Portugal are concentrated around Lisboa and Porto.
  • While 46% of companies state they are open to international tech talent without visas, the reality seems to differ.
  • LinkedIn is the most popular talent attraction tool, with 96% adoption in tech hiring.
  • And many more…


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